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Birds and wildlife

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Birds of Burswood Park Birds Tile Birds Tile
Birds Tile
Birds Tile
Silver Gull Great Cormorant Welcome Swallow Sacred Ibis Willy Wagtail Purple Swamphen Mudlark (Magpie Lark) Richard's Pipit Caspain Tern Australian Shelduck (Mountain Duck) Musk Duck Hardhead Duck Dusky Moorhen Pacific Black Duck Grey Teal Blue-Billed Duck Australasian Grebe Yellow-billed Spoonbill Blue-winged Shoveler Eurasian Coot Great Crested Grebe Banded Stilt White-faced Heron Great Egret Wood (Maned) Duck Pink-eared Duck Australian Pelican Black Swan Great Cormorant Osprey

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