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Paddy Hannan

Paddy Hannan, Goldfields' Pioneer

An historic name in the Goldfields, Paddy Hannan won fame for his discovery of what became Western Australia's Golden Mile - the richest square mile on earth in Kalgoorlie. But life was harsh. This statue pays homage to the thousands of forgotton men who came in search of their fortunes during the gold rush, with their fortitude laying the foundations for the state's prosperity.
Here Paddy pushes his wheelbarrow and glances over his shoulder at traffic heading east, towards his beloved Goldfields.

The Storyteller

The Storyteller - the Essence of Early Life in WA

The inspiration for this sculpture is Dame Mary Durack, renowned Australian author, engaged in a dialogue with her 'young self' as a child. As an adult she represents an ancestor passing on the family history. The two 'Mary's' share a sense of purpose; their attention is rivetted to each other, and on the manuscript - 'Swan River Saga'. In this and her other works, Dame Mary captured the essence of life in Perth's pioneer days.

Hopscotch: Children at Play Yesterday and Today

The sculpture expresses the happy theme of a family group enjoying a traditional pastime, which still today can be enjoyed by children of all ages. Participation is encouraged, with the hopscotch rules explained on the nearby sign. Even in an age of electronic amusements, Hopscotch shows that children can recapture the mood and magic of a by-gone era with joyful activity linking past and present.

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