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Qigong and Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

22 September 2019
Burswood Park has a vibrant events calendar – including those from a number of community groups who regularly make the most of the park’s open spaces.

Event details

22 September 2019
Corinthian Park Community Hall, Shelley

This information sharing session brings about the benefits of using Qigong Exercise Therapy as an alternative approach to enhancing the recovery process of cancer patients. It also shares how adopting a healthy diet and maintaining a balanced state of body and mind can help to support cancer patients through their recovery process. This Eastern holistic medical philosophy is in tandem with modern medical science research on how one can fight cancer through a natural approach.

The information session is FREE and open to cancer patients, their partners and carers. We strongly encourage you to attend the session and listen to our cancer survivors (Qigong members) who have benefited from this approach.

For further info and to register, please contact:
Aline : 0413 866 571
Swee Guan : 0412 102 818
Aaron : 0405 021 226