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Car parking

Car parking

Ample car parking is provided for Burswood Park visitors.

All parking bays are ground-level and free of charge, however, parking time limits apply at two of Burswood Park’s six car parking areas, being the car parks adjacent to the children’s playground and Resort Drive. Time limits apply Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm ONLY.

The parking restrictions are necessary to provide safe, efficient and equitable access for all park visitors, and to reduce the frequency of all-day parking often used by city commuters.

The restrictions are enforced under Burswood Park Board parking by-laws. Burswood Park Board reserves the right to issue infringements for cars parked longer than the maximum period.

In peak periods and special event days on the Burswood Peninsula, parking within the park is at a premium and may also be restricted, so please plan carefully in advance of your visit. If roads are closed, there will be NO access to parking on Resort Drive or Camfield Ave.

For more information about parking areas in Burswood Park, visit our park map.

Burswood Park car parking