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Park patrons are advised that fencing along the east and west sides of Camfield Drive is now in place to assist with access to Optus Stadium on major event days. Please note that during events, the only access to Optus Stadium from Crown Resorts will be via the crossover on Camfield Drive at the Watersports Association/Burswood on Swan, and the crossover on the western end of Roger Mackay Drive.

In the interests of not disturbing the re-vegetation projects on both sides of Camfield Drive, please do not attempt to climb the fences, follow the signs, stick to the paths and stay off the garden beds.


All Burswood Park patrons are advised that car parking at two of Burswood Park’s six car parking areas, being the car parks adjacent to the children’s playground and to the Telethon Community Cinemas on Resort Drive, will be restricted to a maximum period of four (4) hours from 8am to 4pm on WEEKDAYS only. 

The parking restrictions are necessary to provide safe, efficient and equitable access for all park visitors, and to reduce the frequency of all-day parking often used by city commuters.

Parking within the park will remain free-of-charge. Parking signs (marked 4P) will be in place to remind park patrons of the parking conditions.

The restrictions will be enforced under Burswood Park Board parking by-laws. Burswood Park Board reserves the right to issue infringements for cars parked longer than the maximum period.

For more information about parking areas in Burswood Park visit our park map.