Private events

Personal gatherings

Gatherings of less than 100 people do not require approval from the Burswood Park Board, provided the following by-laws and mandatory guidelines are adhered to:

  • There shall be no damage to Burswood Park grounds and facilities, including any installations that penetrate the surface of the Park.
  • No areas of Burswood Park are to be sectioned-off (with ropes or otherwise).
  • No structures are to be erected on the Park, including but not limited to marquees, bouncy castles, animal farms and water slides.
  • Attendees are to be considerate of, and must not cause disruption to, other park users.
  • Attendees are not to locate adjacent to the dual-use pathways.
  • No power is provided by the Burswood Park Board and generators must not be used.
  • No vehicles may access Burswood Park. All small equipment is to be walked or carried into place.
  • No alcohol is to be sold on Burswood Park grounds.
  • No catered functions by private caterers are permitted.

Failure to comply with the above guidelines will lead to further action by the Burswood Park Board and, where necessary, the WA Police will also be notified. 

It must also be noted that the Burswood Park Board is not liable for any personal damage or injury to guests or members of the public caused by guests.  This liability remains with the individual/s.

Private events Burswood Park